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When people with disabilities are remembered, such as with warnings, they are often grouped into one homogeneous population and provided with instructions that are not appropriately communicated or that are impossible to follow.

Considerations for the special needs of residents in nursing homes, transportation for those who lack personal vehicles, search and rescue procedures that aid people with disabilities, and both general population and functional needs shelters that can accommodate disabilities are all issues that must continue to be addressed with the disability community and then put into practice by emergency management professionals.

Yet these same key resources often remain distant from people with disabilities and disability organizations.

This report calls for greater connectedness among emergency management and the full range of voluntary organizations, including disability organizations, agencies, and advocates.

President: The National Council on Disability (NCD) is pleased to submit this report, entitled .

Recovery is an area in which minimal research is available, particularly in the area of disabilities and disasters.

Reports, testimony, and other evidence clearly suggest that recovery is drawn out and problematic for people with disabilities.

Problems with securing accessible temporary housing, failure of insurance to cover disability-specific needs and gaps in federal assistance, loss of access to health care, and disruption to caregiver networks all undermine the abilities of people with disabilities to return home.

Mitigation efforts represent the single best strategy to reduce the impacts of disasters.

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