Updating data using a database update query in web forms anthony carelli dating site

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You must therefore follow up your variable that contains the My SQL link identifier to tell the function which database connection to use.

This function returns true when it's successful and false if an error occurs.

Just so it’s clear and fresh in your mind, this is what will happen when a person visits a page on your database driven web site: Before you can retrieve content out of your My SQL database for inclusion in a web page, you must know how to establish a connection to My SQL from inside a PHP script.

Back in Chapter 2: Introducing My SQL, you used a program called mysql that allowed you to make such a connection from the command prompt.

Let's say you want to work with the joke database you created in Chapter 2: Introducing My SQL. If your My SQL server is up and running and everything works the way it should, you should see the message indicating success in the figure below.

If PHP is unable to connect to your My SQL server, or if the username and password you provided are incorrect, you'll instead see a similar screen to that in the figure below.

If you installed Apache yourself, chances are this message will be displayed.To make sure your error handling code is working properly, you might want to misspell your password intentionally to test it out.Depending on your web server's PHP configuration, you may or may not see the first paragraph shown in the figure above.As I mentioned briefly in Chapter 3: Introducing PHP, you should use UTF-8 encoded text in your web sites to maximize the range of characters that your users will have at their disposal when filling in forms on your site.By default, when PHP connects to My SQL, it once again uses the simpler ISO-8859-1 encoding instead of UTF-8.

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