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Be confident Just because you wish to date a butch woman you don’t have to go to the other extreme and act all dainty and helpless in order to attract her attention.

Butch women in fact are excited by self-assured lesbians who have the courage and confidence to approach them.

In the end it is best to trust your instinct when it comes to choosing your partner – your heart will tell you what and how you feel for the person sitting before you.

Go out and socialize If you are looking to meet butch women to date, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Also you could let her drive or ask her to drop you at your place – butch women like to feel they are in control.

Don’t expect her to behave like a man Just because you are dating a butch woman, don’t expect her to do all the things a man is supposed to do in a heterosexual relationship – in case that is what you want, you would have been dating a guy in the first place.

The butch woman marked by masculine looks and ways are a particular favorite in lesbian dating.

There are lesbian bars and clubs in most big cities where you can look for a woman of your preferences.

If at all you are unable to come across a single butch women, then go online.

If you enjoy sports, look into leagues in your area and go out and join a team.

However be careful to pick hobbies that you are interested in.

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