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I hate to pound sleet on this manic parade, but, to put it gently, mob psychology is outrunning both experience and reality.Let’s offer a few hypotheses regarding this supposed coming Trumptopian nirvana.Some of you may recognize this as the World Made By Hand scenario. Similarly for “infrastructure” spending touted by the forces of Trump as the coming panacea for economic malaise.I suspect most people assume this means a trillion-dollar stimulus spend on highways and their accessories.New state-of-the-art factories would require an Everest of private capital investment that is simply impossible to manifest in a system that is already leveraged up to its eyeballs.

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The bottom line is that President Donald Trump will be overwhelmed by a sea of financial troubles from the very get-go, and here’s why.

Designated Bag-Holder The American people have been punked by their own government and their central bank, the Federal Reserve, for years and the jig is now up.

We could have applied our post-WW2 treasure to building beautiful walkable towns and cities with some capacity for adaptive re-use, but we blew it in order to enjoy life in a one-time demolition derby. Societies make poor choices sometimes, and then there are consequences.

We also might have been in better shape now if, beginning twenty years ago, we began a major rebuild of our railway infrastructure.

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