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Sure, when you see all those books in the stores with letters “how to catch your spouse lying” or “10 ways to find out if your spouse is cheating on you” on their front covers, you may crinkle your nose in disbelief and contempt; but actually, these books often are the Holy Grail for women and men who are in desperate need to find out the truth.

If you are involved in an affair, - welcome to the club.

This is probably the most important step when it comes to dealing with a commitment phobic girlfriend.

You really have to find out why the idea of commitment terrifies her.

You find yourself bewildered at the sudden change in her attitude and the manner in which she behaves with you and around you.

Well, you’ve somehow managed to fall head over heels for a commitment phobic girl.

They all had their fingers dipped into several different pies at the same time, but this answer is only one half of the story.

The other rather ‘tragic’ half had them getting caught with their pants way below their ankles.

Dallas Mc Carver passed away aged 26 after reportedly choking on food.It can be rather disappointing and maybe even infuriating, when you find out that the girl who means everything to you, while sharing the same feelings for you, shies away from committing herself.The mere thought of committing to someone terrifies the hell out of her.Dangerous liaisons are hardly the momentary escape from the worldly responsibilities as you might have thought- they are responsibilities in themselves.You have to cheat and lie and plan every day’s strategy.

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