Outlook 2016 cached mode address book not updating

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A collection of settings and permissions that define how a user accesses records– Determines how users see data and what they can do within the application– A profile can have many users, but a user can have only one profile Permission Set represents a set of permissions that’s used to grant additional access to one or more users without changing their profile or reassigning profiles.You can use permission sets to grant access, but not to deny access.(A Gregorian Year is a calendar based on a 12 Month Structure and is used throughoutmuch of the world.)–Custom Fiscal Years Standard Fields What is a Standard Field?– Standard Fields are pre-defined in Salesforce– You cannot delete standard fields but you can remove non-required standard fields from a page layout Standard Field customizations include the ability to change standard field labels and tabs Custom Fields What is a Custom Field?An outbound message is a workflow, approval, or milestone action that sends the information you specify to an endpoint you designate, such as an external service.

You can only assign permission sets to users who have the same user license that’s associated with the permission set.If you want to assign similar permissions to users with different licenses, create multiple permission sets with the same permissions, but with different licenses. When determining access for your users, it’s a good idea to use profiles to assign the minimum permissions and access settings for specific groups of users, then use permission sets to grant additional permissions.- Customize, integrate and create enterprise applications as a service and without software.- Customize standard applications provided by or build their own on-demand applications- Group standard and custom tabs into new custom applications Solutions: A solution is a detailed description of a customer issue and the resolution of that issue.(Please note that Products are available in EE/UE and Developer and in PE for an additional fee.)Please note, not all Standard Objects are depicted in the above slide or discussed in the notes.Please refer to Help in Salesforce for more periods that follow the Gregorian calendar, but can start on the first day of anymonth of the year.

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