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In an academic sense, prescribers understand the principles and importance of antibiotic stewardship—but we don’t live or practice in an academic sense.

We share in the wonder that our patients have for the truly miraculous effect of antibiotic medications.

It is on the soundtracks to Forrest Gump and Spider-Man 2, in the latter accentuating Peter Parker's blissful mood after abandoning his Spider-Man identity and its responsibilities. The first episode of the second season of the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy is named after the song.

It is also used in The Simpsons, episode 16 of the fourth season, called "Duffless", at the end of the episode, while credits are presented.

Some are round, others appear flattened at the bottom, and then there are those that resemble jellybeans.

For the purpose of this study, all the raindrops will be considered as spheres.

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These sizes are calculated according to the diameters of the raindrops.

Voltaire once said “the art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” I surmise that antibiotic prescriptions in upper respiratory infections and many otitis media cases are the practical extension of this theory.

We think “just this one time” won’t affect antibiotic resistance rates, and a single case in a large set of statistics would likely support that contention.

As our teams at TMF work on antibiotic stewardship, we realize that patients and caregivers play a huge part in antibiotic stewardship, and we are working to help give you better ways to treat their anxiety than a quick antibiotic prescription.

I still have a well-worn and outdated Sanford Guide that lived in my lab coat pocket as a student and resident, now more as a memento than a reference.

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