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But there was one thing I was amazingly good at: making Nutella sandwiches.

Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that I do my best when I play to my strengths. The other is making the occasional grocery store run in a highly effective manner.

As you continue to do this over time, your Quality Scores, click-through rates and average ad positions will start going up because you’re granulating and improving relevancy.

Now that you’ve done your part on the Ad Words side, it’s time to start capturing the traffic on your landing pages. Well, luckily, you may never have to go through that.

In an ideal world, when someone types in “Nutella cookies recipe,” you’d want an ad that has the following headline: “Nutella Cookies Recipe.” So how do you go about perfecting your message match? Single keyword ad groups (aka SKAGs) allow you to control the message match between the keyword and the text ad because only one keyword will trigger that specific ad.

When you only have one keyword per ad group, your best bet will be to make your ad super specific to that keyword.

With PPC, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what you don’t know.

Inside your Ad Words account, you most likely have short tail and long tail versions of different keywords.

Not only will the ideas I’m about to share improve your CTRs, Quality Scores, ad positions and impression shares plus increase your chances of dating and lower your cost per click, it will also help you improve your conversion rates. Here are three Ad Words mistakes that are hurting your conversion rates… One major obstruction to Ad Words performance is when people decide to bundle 10 – 20 keywords in a single ad group.Remember the day you created landing pages for every single keyword? With dynamic keyword insertion, you can essentially take any text on the landing page and change it out with what you specify in the URL parameters.This allows you to create one landing page around a service or product theme and then change the headlines and calls-to-action to fit the keyword that the visitor searched for.Combined, these three steps will make your Ad Words campaign optimization efforts more accurate than a Stormtrooper trying to do its own laundry. Johnathan Dane is the founder of Klient Boost, a California-based PPC agency that’s on a mission to grow companies.So there you have it: a brand new way to structure your Ad Words account. Do you think this will help with your PPC performance? He’s been interviewed by Google and has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Tanner.

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