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A: It sounds like it's easier for you to just confirm someone likes you than to let things progress naturally.

Who's to say this person even knows if they like you yet?

It's ok to let someone know you're interested, but there's no need to go any further than that.You feel you’ve already become attached to him, yet you don’t know where you stand.Now you’re thinking about him a lot, discussing his behaviour with your friend, and over-analyzing every text he sends (when he does bother to send them).In some cases, it is possible that a guy is not chasing because he’s got a ton going on in his life, or because he’s under immense career pressure and can’t imagine a relationship right now, or because he just broke up with his ex and needs to heal first.The point is, whatever is going on his life is totally out of your control. What is undeniably crazy though is taking a chance with your heart on someone you already know isn’t bothered about giving you theirs.

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