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“There’s so much evidence that when young people are making really important decisions in their life about things like sexual behavior, they really, really want guidance from their parents,” Guilamo-Ramos said.

And when they never brought up sex again, he went to his friend."Our kids need, in fact, less on sperm and eggs and fallopian tubes and a lot more on love and intimacy and 'how do I understand these feelings?'" In fact, far too many parents can't even talk about their own sexuality with their spouse — and teens sense that discomfort, says Jackie Pack, a certified sex-addiction therapist who has worked in the field of addiction and trauma for more than 20 years.“Now I was like, ‘I kind of knew what would happen, but I didn’t know how.'” Matthew — who asked that his real name not be used as the Deseret News has reported on his struggles with pornography — and his growing curiosity about sexuality was nothing new.But 25 years ago, teens couldn't take their questions to the Internet, like they do now, to find a plethora of "educational" words, photos and videos.

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