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The next night, my boy Cabic comes over to play some x Box and braid my hair, and NP sits in the corner reading a magazine (I believe it was ) and acting like she’s doing me some big favor by letting me have my bromance.

I promised myself that I’d break up with her this morning.

One small tear and it's over."I told you this would happen," he says, blinking.

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Sur un premier cliché, les deux amies posent en petite culotte et top manches longues sur une peau de bête.With his Texan-Venezuela background and trailblazing 'freak folk', the singer-songwriter, artist and model is studiously unconventional – not to mention brilliant company in an art gallery, as Fiona Sturges discovers."Exactly."There's something of Woody Allen about the 31-year-old Banhart, both in his compulsive self-analysis and his amusing line in self-mockery.I wanted to point out that I didn't think being pretty or not pretty defined what a good person or bad person is.But I might be a little bias as I dated and am friends with someone that looks very much like him (hair included).

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