Dating lachenal english concertina

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More details Vintage Lachenal 46 key Duet concertina, un-numbered, cased Condition: Replacement labels, two buttons are missing, carry case has wear, bellows and buttons are in good order - please see images - please TELEPHONE department if you wish to talk through this lot - **General condition consistent with age More details Vintage 57 key Duet concertina, possibly Lachenal, cased Condition: Extensive restoration where the bellows meet the end board, replacement label, carry case has wear and a series of repairs to the lid, bellows and buttons are in good order, end panels are a little buckled, please see images, please TELEPHONE department if you wish to talk through this lot - **General condition consistent with age More details A Lachenal and Co.

The recent "The Edeophone" topic in the Discussion Forum for Concertina History turned to my appeal for Serial Numbers and accompanying Descriptions for all types of Lachenal concertinas, as input to a longstanding research project (Randy Merris, Chris Algar, and Wes Williams) on dating the manufacture/sale of individual Lachenal concertinas.

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Unsure of age but it belonged to my grandfather and I am 70 years old and my mother told me she can remember him playing it when she was a girl. I live in Sheffield so it would not be possible to bring it for a valuation but I would be grateful if you could give me a rough idea of the value. John Jones VERY KEEN ON FINDING A MODEL 22 WHEATSTONE6 SIDED RAISED METAL ENDS IN ANY CONDITION. COULD ALSO BE A METAL END AEOLA, OR A MODEL21 WHICH IS 6 SIDED WITH FLAT ENDS.I do have photos if you would like me to email them to you. its pretty much in tune and the bellows seem ok but id like it if you could look it and perhaps tweek the air button. I'm in Liskeard so could fairly easily drive up to youthanksjimmy Hi Nigel we met a few years ago when I brought a concertina to you for repair I now have an old English concertina it would need full restoration I would like you to look at it for me to say if it is possible I would really like to be able to bring it to you next week begging Tuesday 2nd as there is more damage than anticipated many thanks sue leaman Reply written by Concertinas-uk at 2/1/2017, am Hi Sue, that's fine, we have a music session in the Globe at Fogmore this Tuesday 2nd January at 8.30pm, if that is of any interest, you could bring it then. Luckily it has excellent bellows and the brass reeds look great. Thank you Catherine Dear Sirs I have a Wheatstone English system 20471 which is very sad but still in use.The woodwork looks good too apart from the odd scratch. I have managed to snap a couple of the bolts years ago and the bellows are in poor shape. Rough idea of cost - or should I seek to part exchange, seeing as you have similar for sale with the work already done to them. I have two concertinas that I wish to sell; can supply photos later.I am mindful that the cost of the work could exceed the value of the instrument. One - Lachenal Anglo s/n 95555, 20 keys in GC, 5 fold bellows.Yours Peter Scott Reply written by Concertinas-uk at 7/12/2016, am Hi Peter. I can do the work for you, it is very unlikely that the cost of the work would exede the value of the instrument. Reasonable condition but needs restoration, box with no key (fairly standard for that, I would think). There are 24 buttons on each side and all seem to work.

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