Dating and marriage customs in south africa

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It's important to remember that these rules change with alarming frequency, so make sure to check the Department of Home Affairs website carefully before starting your preparations.

At the time of writing, required documentation includes: All of your documentation (with the exception of originals like your passport) should be notarised by a Commissioner of Oaths. Alternatively, there is an easy way to bypass the headache of organising a legal wedding in South Africa.

This means that each spouse is entitled to a half share of all assets in the event of divorce, and must take on equal responsibility for financial debts.

The only way to be exempt from this law is to ask a lawyer to draft an ante-nuptial contract (ANC) which must be signed before the wedding.

If you are getting married in South Africa, you will be subject to the Republic's marriage laws - the Marriage Act, 1961 (Act 25 of 1961).

South African law recognises traditional polygamous marriages - even President Jacob Zuma has three wives.

Once the paperwork is sorted, the fun of planning the ceremony itself can start.

South Africa is a hugely diverse country and there's scope for just about any kind of wedding you can imagine; whether you want a laidback beach wedding, a intimate affair at a five-star safari lodge or a grand society event at a Cape Town wine estate.

On your wedding day, you will be issued immediately with a hand-written marriage certificate, which will be converted into a formal abridged certificate once your officiant registers your union with the Department of Home Affairs.

You will need an apostilled unabridged certificate in order to register your marriage in your home country, however.

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