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Dena had been ill for several years at this point, and likely succumbed to cervical cancer.He was assigned to Company B in the Eighth Armored Battalion of the Twentieth Armored Infantry Division.During his junior year in high school, Charles Schulz’s teacher, Minnette Paro, assigned the class the task of “drawing anything you can think of, in sets of three on one sheet of paper.” The “Drawing of Threes” that Schulz created that day is particularly interesting because it is clear that Charles Schulz was keenly aware of domestic and world events at the time.Later in the school year, Schulz signed a classmate’s yearbook with the phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and included an illustration of a pen and a figure in a fencing pose holding a sword.About a year after moving to the James Avenue apartment, the Schulz family rented a house around the corner at 473 Macalester Street.Charles Schulz attended kindergarten at the Mattocks School on James Avenue, located equidistant between the James Avenue apartment and the Macalester Street home.

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At the age of 20, Schulz was drafted into the United States Army to serve in World War II alongside many other men of his generation.Black and white dogs figured prominently in Charles Schulz’s childhood.When Charles Schulz was a small boy, the family got a little Boston Bull Terrier named Snooky, but it was the memory of their next dog, Spike, that would spur the antics of Snoopy for years to come.Paul, the same home where they had lived before moving briefly to California in 1929.Charles Schulz also entered high school this year, attending Central High School in St. The distance between home and school would be the farthest he had to travel to date, but The Family Barbershop was located in the middle of the route so that he probably didn’t feel too far removed from the neighborhood that he knew best.

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