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Formal training in Project Management methods and techniques. Must have proficient verbal and written communication and organizational skills including proficient in Word, Visio, Excel and cost estimating. The old adage, "Hit and don't be hit" is boxing's second golden rule and it always applies, regardless of rank or pedigree.I am interested in the idea of art and life as a journey.

Monitor and communicate the status of customer projects, with attention to invoicing and change orders, project costs, percent completion, risk-management, and the performance of the assigned field team.This is the enchanted wilderness of myth and fairy tales, a place beyond civilization that beckons me, a lifelong city resident, to risk the wonderful or terrible adventures that lay beyond my spheres of comfort and understanding.Through environmental sculptures, I invite the viewer to follow a literal or metaphoric path that is layered with meaning yet still open-ended.I’ve personalised it with a Brooks saddle and handlebar grips (both of which I LOVE), a back rack and bottle basket – my waterproof Ortlieb pannier goes on the other side – and a coffee cup holder.Oh, and the double kickstand was a little fix to help keep the bike upright when I have heavy stuff on the back – so like, always.

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