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While I laud the instinct to coach, fast forward two months later, and we were undergoing a rancorous – and unnecessary – transition process. Nice is only good when it’s coupled with a rational perspective and the ability to make difficult choices.

It is more of a disservice to let someone flounder, especially when it’s clear that he or she just isn’t hitting the mark. When you’re overly generous with your allowances for others, you create a fertile atmosphere for contempt to spread.

You may have been conditioned to be compliant or to be controlled based on the way you were treated by your parents, authority figures or by society.

This is where understanding and applying the 9th Component of Confidence: Assertiveness, is crucial.

* Do you want everyone to think of you as a "really nice person"?

* Do you give in to people because the thought of upsetting them is too much for you to deal with?

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